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I have been meaning to set up a blog now for some time now so here it is, My Holly Grail.

I am a twenty-something Hair Stylist living in the North with a passion for Make-Up and all things Beauty. My passion started when I was 'very' young (see pic...) and since then I have been on a quest to become 'Flawless'.

When I got diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2011, I had to take a lot of time off work which consequently gave me a lot of spare time to discover and develop my skills and actually became pretty good at 'doing' Make Up. When my Make Up bag turned into two, which then turned into three, which then turned into a desk (see pic), I decided (with persistence from my friends and family) to set up a blog to help people develop their knowledge and help them discover new and Holy Grail products that's needed in any Make-Up bag. My own collection ranges from Mac (obviously) to Illamasqua, Larura Mercier to Make Up Forever and LOTS more.

It all started with PixiWoo as I'm sure it did with most others. My current favorite bloggers/vloggers are Jaclyn Hill, Desi Perkins and Vivianna, all of whom can be found in the links below. I hope you enjoy my blog, I will try and keep it simple and to the point. I will review each of my favorite products that I already own and whatever else I choose to buy and review to show you.

Thanks for looking,

Holly x

Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette, MAC Warm Palette, Makeup Geek Shadows


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