Make Up Forever HD Foundation

Make Up Forever HD Foundation

This is is my favourite foundation and has been since I got my first bottle back in June. With all the hype id heard about it and a certain Kim K wearing it I couldn't go to the U.S and not buy it.
It is a perfect colour match to my skin I use shaded 125, my newer one being 123 for when I'm slightly more tanned. I'd say its a medium- buildable coverage while still feeling natural on the skin and certainly not cakey looking. I use my Sigma F80 brush to apply it when I want a fuller coverage or a damp Beauty Blender for a more natural coverage.
I do have to make sure my skin is well moisturised before hand as I do have dry skin and if I didn't it would cling to drier areas, but I regularly exfoliate and moisturise regardless so that's no bother to me.
The foundation has no SPF which means no ghost face in photos!! and nobody wants ghost face. 
The wearability for me is amazing, lasts me a long busy day and takes some removing at night, I've even gone to bed after a night out without removing my make up (we've all done it don't judge me) and it still be pretty much in the same place the next morning. I'd recommend anyone who likes to look 'flawless' try it.
With it being and American its hard to get hold of over here. Guru Makeup Emporium in London do sell it other than that it would have to be an online order which can be annoying if you don't know your shade. is a site where you put your current foundation and shade and they give you a match to other brands and shades similar if your willing to take the risk. Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading

Holly x

shades 125, 123 and Mac NC20 to compare

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  1. I'm majorly guilty of sleeping in my make up ;) did you find that it made you break out at all?


  2. haha anyone who says they haven't are lying! no im quite lucky with my skin I don't suffer from breakouts, am just very dry... x


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